Defence Ministers: Revisit the case for disposing of Woolwich Barracks

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There has been an unbroken military presence in Woolwich for over three centuries.

The imprint of the armed forces on our town can be seen everywhere, from its architecture to its street names.

Yet the three century old bond between our community and our armed forces is now at risk as a result of the Conservative Government’s decision to close Woolwich barracks by 2028 and sell off the land for development.

I am opposed to the Government’s plans to close the barracks and believe the case for selling it off simply doesn’t stack up.

For all the change that is taking place locally, Woolwich remains a Garrison Town – our history and identity are intertwined with our armed forces.

It would be a travesty if an association that has lasted for over 300 years was ended now for anything other than the most incontrovertible of reasons.

The government needs to think again.

Please help me show Ministers in Whitehall the strength of local feeling against their plans.

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